By The Associated PressAlden Park Hotel, a Dallas hotel that has been open for five years, opened its doors to a group of millennials, and the first thing they saw was a beautiful rooftop pool with a bar.

The space has an outdoor seating area and is a great place for relaxing and enjoying a drink in the shade.

The hotel has a great breakfast buffet and has outdoor seating and a private elevator.

The restaurant, which also serves coffee and tea, offers brunch and dinner for $49.50.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday.

For the group of six, who are looking to get away from the office and spend some quality time with friends, they also had access to a gym, gym equipment, a yoga studio, and a pool.

They also had a great location and the staff were welcoming.

There’s even a bar inside the hotel, called The Bully.

The Bump is an upscale cocktail bar where you can have a few drinks, a couple drinks, or just sit at the bar with a few friends.

The hotel’s management and staff have been working on it for a couple of years and now that they are open, they are ready to go.