Floridas hotels have closed, leaving thousands of tourists stranded and forcing the closure of the city’s largest hotel chain, Hotel Bell.

The hotel chain announced the closure on its website late on Wednesday.

The company said it has been unable to obtain sufficient funds to operate and maintain the hotel and the associated facilities, including the facilities for its staff and guests.

In a statement, Hotelbell said it was working to secure a new site for its hotel.

The city said it will continue to support Hotel Bell’s operations through the closure and reconstruction of the hotel.

Tourism, tourism, tourism”Our hotels are an essential part of our city’s economy and are vital to our communities,” Mayor Jose Raul Mijares said.

The mayor said the hotel will reopen as soon as possible.

“The city is grateful to the Bell family for this extraordinary opportunity,” he said.

“We are confident that our community will benefit and that tourism will grow as we rebuild our communities and our economy.”

I look forward to welcoming our guests and returning to the city for our summer celebrations.

“The mayor added that the hotel is one of the largest in the world, and was one of a number of local companies to invest in the area, including a new hotel, the Bell Center.

Florida was hit by a series of wildfires this year that burned through much of the state.