James Cromploe is one of the best known names in the horror genre and he’s also one of its biggest fans.

The actor and former “A Nightmare On Elm Street” star died Saturday at his home in Toronto, according to TMZ.

He was 76.

Cromploe was best known for his roles as James Baker, the villainous mastermind behind the Nightmare on the Elm Street franchise, and a man who falls in love with a young woman.

He had been ill since the release of “A Darker Shade of Gray,” but his wife, Susan, said he was still receiving medical treatment.

Crimploe had a long and distinguished career in films and television.

He played the villain in “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Spirited Away,” “Nightmare on Elm St.” and “The Mummy.”

In the 1990s, Cromplo appeared in “The Haunting of Hill House,” a TV miniseries about a supernatural murder mystery in a small New England town.

He also played the protagonist in the 2001 movie “Nightmares from Outer Space.”

Cromwell’s legacy is not only with the “A” franchise, but the franchise’s fans, too.

He was a founding member of the “New Nightmare” line of horror movies, which began in 1993.

His credits include “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “The Haunted House,” “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Babylon 5.”