Park City, Utah — A park city hotel has just opened in a major metropolitan area.

The hotel, Park City Lodge, is the first hotel in Utah to open in the US and is the newest addition to a growing number of hotels in Utah.

Park City Lodge Hotel, located at the Park City Center, will open in 2019 and features two levels of suites, a rooftop pool and a gymnasium.

It is also the second hotel in the Salt Lake City area to offer an indoor pool.

Park and Recreation Association of Utah Director of Development, Matt Bowers, said Park City’s new hotel is a great example of what can be accomplished when you work with the right partner to create a unique experience for the guests.

“Park City is really a perfect example of the new hotel concept,” Bowers said.

“We created a unique, modern hotel, and we were able to put a lot of thought into it.”

Park City was able to achieve this through partnerships with Park City Recreation and the City of Salt Lake.

“We partnered with Park and Recreation to make sure that the hotel has the best amenities, most up-to-date amenities and amenities that are appropriate for a park and recreation community,” Bower said.

The hotel is located on the south end of the park and the hotel is connected to the Park Center, the Park Village, the North Park Village and the Park West Village.

The park and park center has the largest indoor pool in Utah and the gymnasia features a cardio machine and is open to all ages.

Park West Village will be the third hotel in Park City and will be open in 2018. 

Park City Hotel has opened in Salt Lake, Utah.