There is a happy ending to this year’s celebration of happiness at Disneyland, with the departure of the beloved ‘happy house’ in the Haunted Mansion and the opening of a new attraction: the Jungle Cruise.

However, for the second time in less than a year, the company has been forced to announce that a ‘happy ending’ is not yet in sight.

“We’re going to keep the Jungle cruise going in a couple of years, but we’re going back to Disneyland, and I think it’s going to be great,” said John Lutz, the president and CEO of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

“It’s going a little bit differently.”

A happy ending for the Jungle?

In March this year, Walt Disney Imagineers created a world where the ride has been shuttered, with a new theme park being built in the Jungle.

The Jungle Cruise, a rollercoaster ride from Disneyland Paris that has become a favourite of Disneyland fans, will reopen in 2019.

It is set to reopen in 2020.

But the Jungle has a new life in 2019 with a Disney park, the Jungle Lodge.

The attraction will be built in 2020 with a themed area set in the jungle, with new characters to be introduced every year.

A Disney park?

A new Jungle attraction at Disney’s theme park The Jungle Lodge will be set at Disneyland Paris and features a new Jungle ride.

The park will be run by the company that owns and operates the Jungle Resort in the UK, Disney, which is looking to expand into Australia.

Disney’s plans to expand to Australia have been under review since the summer of 2019, and will likely take longer to complete than originally expected.

The new Jungle Lodge at Disneyland opens in 2019, but will not be open to the public until 2021.

A new Disney park is in the works at Disney The Jungle Resort, which will open in 2020, but is expected to take longer than originally planned to complete.

A happy end?

A happy outcome to the Jungle is not a given at Disney, with plans to build a new, ‘new’ Jungle attraction still underway.

In September 2019, Walt Disneyland Paris said the Jungle would be open by the end of 2019.

The project will have a theme park, with an attraction that will be themed around the Jungle ride and will be open in 2021.

However the new park is still expected to open in 2022.

A Disneyland park?

Disneyland Paris says the Jungle will be back in 2019 Disney has yet to make a firm announcement about its plans for the new Jungle, but the company’s plans for an ‘alternative world’ have already been under scrutiny.

Walt Disney has also previously promised that a new ‘alternate world’ attraction would open at Disneyland Resort, but it was never announced.

In 2020, Disney plans to open a new themed park at Disney Resort in Australia, but has not yet announced a date for the attraction.

The ‘new Jungle’ is expected by 2021, but its fate at Walt Disney World has yet be determined.

What is the ‘alternated world’?

The Jungle has been the theme park of choice for many years, with theme park rides like the Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot attractions often featured in the parks.

However there is a long history of ‘alternating’ themes.

Some of the world’s most famous theme parks, like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, have featured their own amusement park or amusement parks in the past, including Disneyland Paris.

Disney has opened a number of theme parks around the world over the past few decades, and the company is set for a large expansion to Asia in the 2020s.

In 2019, Disney announced plans to launch its first theme park in Japan, but plans to begin work on its own theme park there were cancelled in 2020 following a series of deadly attacks.

A theme park with ‘alternation’ plans In 2018, Disney opened a new park at Walt Disneyland in Japan called Magic Kingdom Japan.

In 2021, Disney is set do launch a theme parks in Australia and New Zealand.

However Disney has not announced any plans for its own park in Australia or New Zealand, and plans for a theme theme park at Disneyland have been cancelled.

In a statement to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Disney said: “We will keep the focus on the parks that are currently in production.

We will continue to provide a world-class experience to guests around the globe.”

A new theme Park at Disneyland The Jungle, pictured, opens in 2020 The new park will have new rides, themed areas, and an ‘experience that reflects the current theme park environment’.

However, Disney has been unable to announce a date, with no concrete announcement about a new location for the park in 2019 or 2020.

The company is working on plans for other theme parks including Disney’s Epcot theme park.

The ride ‘alternates’ with the existing park The new attraction at Disneyland will feature new rides that are set to replace the ride ‘the Jungle Cruise’ which opened at