Las Vegas is one of the biggest destinations for vacationers in the United States, but it also has one of its biggest challenges.

Hotels are struggling to stay open.

The city’s downtown atlas is getting shorter and shorter and its hotel inventory has declined by nearly a third.

And it’s one of only two cities in the U.S. without a fully functional casino, which means that many vacationers end up staying in hotels instead of motels, which has contributed to the city’s high rate of homelessness.

So, it’s no surprise that a new initiative by Las Vegas Tourism Development Corp. is trying to change that.

Its “Las Vegas Vacation” program offers hotels the option of renting out their rooms for stays of up to four nights or as long as 30 days, depending on the room type.

The program is meant to ease the burden of finding a room, said Stephanie Eberhart, director of marketing and partnerships for Las Vegas Vacations.

The hotel industry is looking for more flexible ways to handle its guests, she said.

Hotel rooms are becoming a less expensive option, too.

The average cost of a room at one of Las Vegas’s most popular hotels is $8,000, Eberheart said.

The goal is to provide more options for hotel guests, including options that would allow guests to stay in hotels while vacationing.

Some hotels already have the option.

Hotel Indigo recently offered guests the option to stay at the Sheraton, The Luxor, the Shermantine, the Grand Hyatt or the Plaza, and some guests have chosen to do so, Ebersheim said.

But the program is just beginning.

“We have not been able to get into a lot of hotels yet to start this program,” Eberhardt said.

To begin, the program will be open to hotels and motels that are listed on the Las Vegas Association of Realtors’ website.

They will also be eligible to apply for an exemption if they are within a 10-mile radius of a hotel, Eoberhart said.

Once the hotel’s website opens for business, hotels will be able to sign up for the program and the hotel will pay for their rooms.

That process will take place in three stages: First, hotel rooms will be given away for free to guests who sign up online.

Second, hotel guests will be asked to register for a hotel reservation through a form that will take five minutes to complete.

Third, hotels can also choose to give away their rooms to guests that are eligible for the Vacation Vacation program.

For now, hotels are only allowed to offer rooms to one person per room.

Eberholm said she hopes that once the hotel is ready to roll out the program, it will begin to open up to more hotels.

“I think that’s our plan, to see how that goes,” Ebershoff said.

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