Canada’s priciest hotel is opening its doors to the public this weekend, as it joins other top-tier destinations like Paris, Madrid, and London in offering free Wi-Fi and access to the internet at no charge.

At The Clipper, guests can access the internet, book rooms and access discounts, while other amenities include access to a restaurant and a spa, as well as complimentary drinks and food.

The Clipper is opening for the holiday season on Dec. 22.

For now, guests have to reserve their rooms online through the hotel’s website.

The Clippers website states that the resort will offer a free hotspot for guests, while they are there, guests will be able to rent a room on site for $25 per night.

For those who can’t wait until the holidays, there’s a $5 discount for the first 30 nights.

The price tag for the hotel is around $2,200 per night, and there are plenty of amenities available to those who want to enjoy some of the best holiday deals around.

There are three restaurants, two lounges, a fitness center, a spa and a sauna, all of which have complimentary food.

The spa offers a heated swimming pool, which can be cooled by the pool itself, and the sauna is equipped with an artificial steam machine and has an air conditioning system.

All of the facilities can be accessed from the main lobby, which features a large screen with a TV with local news, a full bar, a lounge area, and a large table area with televisions, tablets and headphones.

The resort is also equipped with a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge, and bar area, plus a fully-equipped bar area and two fully-staffed bar areas.