A 5-month-old Australian cat named Charlie helped police with their traffic stop, the police department in Port Phillip, New South Wales, said on Tuesday.

“The cat was quite happy and he was having a good time,” Port Phillip police Sergeant Brett O’Brien said.

Police said they were driving along an interstate highway when they stopped Charlie and a police officer’s dog on February 18 for a traffic violation.

When they got to the car, police said the officer’s dogs were “trying to play with him.”

The officer asked the dog to put his paw on the ground, and the cat complied, the sergeant said.

The officer put his foot on the car and said to the cat, “What are you doing?”

Charlie then turned and looked up at the officer, according to police.

The dog was then put in handcuffs, the officer said.

Police said Charlie was taken to the vet and was “fine.”

He was returned to the officer and the officer “has been in contact with the cat,” O’Connor said.