In 2008, gaming giant Activision shut down its popular online gaming platform, Gamestop, and was forced to move all its operations to a new online service called Blizzard.

The move was a shock for gamers and many were left wondering why gaming was still on the map, especially after Activision’s decision to sell the company to Activision Blizzard.

Now, a few major hotel chains are trying to capture the market for online gaming.

In March, Marriott announced it had signed a deal to sell its gaming services to the largest online gaming provider in the world, Amazon, and is looking to expand its footprint with more games.

In June, Hilton said it had agreed to sell a portion of its gaming service to Amazon.

The new deals will allow Hilton to offer hotel guests and members a variety of games and services, and also create a platform for the online gaming giant to grow its presence in the hotel business.

For example, Hilton is interested in selling its game platform to an online gaming company called GameTap, which would allow customers to access more than 10,000 titles from Amazon’s catalog.

Another game service company, GameTap has been working with other hotels to develop games for their online gaming services.

With GameTap’s game offerings, a host of games would be available to the Hilton community.

“We’ve had a lot of success with GameTap in the last few years, and we believe this is the best way for us to compete with GameStop,” said Hilton spokesman Matt Kupersmith.

“Hilton’s partnership with GameStops is about creating an opportunity for our guests to have a variety, unique and personalized experience while staying in the Hilton.

We are excited to be working with GameStack, and look forward to continuing to explore our opportunities in this exciting space.”

While the deals will only affect hotel guests, they are a major step for the gaming company, which has been one of Amazon’s top-selling gaming brands.

According to a 2016 report by The Information, Amazon had a 3.9% share of the gaming industry, making it the third-largest online gaming market in the US.

GameStamp, which is owned by Microsoft, is the largest game provider in Australia and is widely considered to be one of its largest online publishers.