It was a quiet weekend in the mountains of Colorado when I was in the process of writing this story.

I had come to the hotel in California’s San Diego area to see if I could get a room.

I was alone, and I felt like I had been kidnapped.

My partner had not been there, and it was quite dark, so I had a few seconds to think.

I could not believe what I had just seen.

I have been in a relationship with a gay man for about 15 years, but I had never thought that he was gay.

I wanted to get out of there, I wanted a break, I was worried about how long it would take.

I would not have been able to sleep.

I am still in shock.

I cannot imagine the pain that I have felt in the past few days.

But I will never give up on my desire to live a life of love, freedom and acceptance.

I knew that I was attracted to people of all sexual orientations, and that I had not given up on myself.

My partners love me unconditionally.

He has always been open and loving to me.

The problem is that we do not talk about it.

We do not feel safe in our own homes.

We have to pretend to be okay to pretend that we are okay with it.

For example, I have not told anyone that I am gay.

And I did not tell my partner until three weeks ago.

I want him to be happy and proud of who he is.

My relationship with my partner is strong and solid.

He is very supportive and loving.

My family is supportive.

But my friends are very upset because I cannot tell them about what I have just witnessed.

They do not know how to react, and many of them are afraid of losing my boyfriend and his partner.

They are scared that I will leave them and my relationship.

So they are not willing to say anything.

I also do not want to be alone in my life.

I need to have a partner who loves me uncondaneously and does not hold me back.

I do not have a boyfriend, so if my boyfriend leaves me, I am afraid that my relationship with him will break apart.

I can not accept this.

I feel that my sexuality does not matter.

My gay identity does not define me.

And it does not make me a lesbian.

I believe that my gayness is not a reason for discrimination or oppression.

In my mind, I do want to love my partner.

But when I see my partner having a sexual relationship with another man, I feel completely devastated.

I wonder what will happen to me in the future if he leaves me.

I fear that I would lose my job and my income.

I worry that my family will lose my partner and my home, and all of our lives.

I still have my own thoughts and fears.

I know that my sexual orientation does not change who I am.

But now I feel like I am not strong enough to say what I really feel about it or to protect my partner from being hurt.

It is like I have become a different person, who has become a little too scared.

I wish I had known what to do about it before I started dating.

My boyfriend told me that he has never cheated on me.

But it is not the same for me.

If he cheated on us, I would have to be with him forever.

I hope that my boyfriend will never have a homosexual partner.

In a way, I cannot accept this because I have loved him all my life, and my love for him does not mean that I can be a lesbian if he has been with another woman.

But the fact that he is gay does not stop me from loving him.

I really hope that I do find a way to make peace with myself.

I did my research and I found out that the only way to be gay is to be single.

So I am trying to be open and honest with myself about my attraction to gay people.

I just want to say to my partner that he should be happy.

I never thought I would be married and happy.

But he is a wonderful man.

And he loves me, and he loves our family.

But we do need to be together.

We must be together in order to make a change in our society.

I think we need to change the way we live our lives, especially in our homes.

My husband and I have had to change our lives as well.

We live in a big house with four people, including our two children.

We now live in an apartment, where our two dogs have to sit on the floor, which is hard for us.

We did not know that our dogs could walk so well on the carpet.

We also do many activities outside, such as taking a walk on the beach or in the forest.

We used to love to go to the beach, but we are now not very active.

The two dogs can not be left on the couch