If you’re looking for the cheapest hotels in New Jersey, look no further than hotels in Tonyo and Delorado, according to the Travelocity travel comparison site.

They each cost between $300 and $600, according the site.

Travelocity says there are only about 6,000 hotels in the state, but there are many more in the Caribbean.

We went ahead and looked at each of the 10 hotels in those towns.

We also checked the prices on each one for the most popular amenities.

Read on to see how each of these places compare to each other.

Shreveport is the cheapest and best option for most people who want to stay in a hotel for longer than a night.

For $300, you get a bed in a two-bedroom hotel, a balcony, a private elevator and the most recent renovation of the main room.

Delorada is a $600 option.

But don’t expect a private suite.

In addition to a bed, you’ll get a private balcony and an elevator to the hotel.

In Tonyos hotel, the main rooms are private rooms.

Delores hotel is $800, and the balcony is on a larger balcony.

The best value for money in Shreveport.

In a two bedroom room, the balcony offers a private bathroom, a fireplace, a TV and a view of the ocean.

The balcony also has a private shower and has an outdoor fire pit.

But it has an indoor fireplace, which is much better for privacy.

Delores hotel has an all-inclusive suite for $1,500, which includes a private bath, a microwave, a large TV, two closets, a desk and a TV stand.

The room has an enclosed private bathroom and a private fireplace.

The hotel is also a one-bedroom, which can be rented for $600 a night, or $1 for two nights.

The delorado hotel has a two room suite, a two bathroom, private fireplace, TV, fireplace, private bath and a full kitchenette for $500 a night or $300 a night for two.

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