The New York metro area is now home to more than 1 million people, more than any other major U.S. city.

The city has an annual unemployment rate of 6.6 percent, the third highest among major metropolitan areas.

The city has become the epicenter of the U.K.’s tech economy, with companies like Facebook and Uber.

But New Yorkers are still not able to easily afford the luxury of a home.

That has become a problem for many families who live in the city, with many unable to afford a home worth more than $300,000.

Some of these families are trying to find a solution.

One of them is a group of Brooklynites who have formed a group called New Yorkers for Housing.

The group says it’s focused on finding homes for renters who are struggling.

They’re using social media to reach out to renters who want to move back into the city.

Some renters have contacted the group to ask for help finding housing, including a mother and her daughter who were struggling to afford rent for their apartment in New Jersey.

A man who rented a home in Westchester County, New York, said he was considering relocating to the city to save money.

In an effort to help those in the middle class, the group has launched a new project called the New Yorkers For Housing project.

It is aimed at helping renters who can’t afford a traditional home.

The group is looking to help families with children in the New York area, the New Yorker said.

The New Yorkers have not yet had any success in finding homes, but they are confident they can find a home for the people who need it.

In the group’s mission statement, they say: “Our goal is to ensure that no one in New Yorkers experience homelessness.

We will build a safe place for all New Yorkers to live and thrive.

We hope that by connecting the dots between our neighborhoods and neighborhoods across the world, we can help to eliminate homelessness.”