Las Vegas Strip hotels are a favorite resort destination for visitors seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the real estate markets.

Here are five things to know about these hotels before you book your stay.


How much does it cost?

Las Vegas hotels typically charge between $50 and $90 per night.

That may not seem like much, but it’s actually a lot less than the average hotel stay in other cities.

A typical night in a downtown hotel costs around $20 to $30.

The average Vegas hotel can cost anywhere from $60 to $100 per night depending on the room type, amenities, amenities and amenities of the room.

That can include meals, entertainment, and complimentary beverages.

Some of the best-priced Vegas hotels include the: 1.

The Luxor: A $70-per-night suite with an additional two-night stay per person in the Downtown Las Vegas area.

The room features a fireplace and private bathtub.

There’s also a kitchenette, an outdoor patio, a fitness center and a bar.

Rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and a separate Internet room.

The suite has Wi-FI, Bluetooth, and a personal fitness center, which includes cardio equipment.


The Plaza: The Luxors suite offers a separate bar, pool, spa, and full-service restaurant.

The resort also has a full bar, a separate pool and spa, fitness center with free weights, and an outdoor patios with pool tables.

The Spa features a full-size bar, two private baths, and showers.

The suites are equipped on all four sides with Wi, Bluetooth and a full kitchenette.

The two bathrooms are separate from the rest of the suite, and the outdoor patio is adjacent to the spa.

The spa is equipped with a separate kitchenette and separate bathing facilities.

The rooms are equipped at both ends with Wi and Bluetooth, with the two private bathrooms in the same room.


The Mirage: A suite with three separate pools, separate saunas, and separate fitness centers.

There are four different pools with separate sauna, sauna tubs, and sauna showers.

There is also a separate fitness center.

The pools are equipped, on both sides, with Wi Fi and Bluetooth.


The Paradise: A four-bedroom suite with private baths and private patio.

There will also be a full spa, a sauna area, a private patio, and two private saunades.


The Westin Las Vegas: A two-bedroom, one-bathroom suite with separate baths, private sauna and private pool.

There also is a separate gym.

A separate bar and full bar are also included.

The pool is equipped.


The Mandalay Bay: A six-bedroom luxury suite with four separate pools.

The amenities include: an outdoor fitness center; a full lounge with private seating; a private spa; and a private beach.

There has also been an increase in the number of guest rooms and suites in recent years.


The Omni: A seven-bedroom hotel suite with a two-bath, one private spa, two separate baths and two separate sauns.

The property includes a fitness room, private pool, and restaurant.

There was also an increase from one private beach to three private beaches in the mid-2000s.


The Palazzo: A one-bedroom resort with a private outdoor bar, private fitness center for those who like to swim and a small fitness room.

It has an indoor sauna that has an outdoor bar and a saunade area.

There have also been several expansions in the Palazzos size.


The Renaissance: A nine-bedroom Resort with a spa, indoor pool, saunage, outdoor patio and indoor gym.

The entire resort is equipped for a large outdoor pool.


The Grand Hyatt: A 12-room resort with spa, saunnas, outdoor fitness and a fitness area.

It is equipped, along with a sauunas pool and a gym, with a fitness program for the guests.

It’s located on the corner of Main Street and Las Vegas Boulevard.


The Marriott Marquis: A five-star hotel with private pools, sauunnas and saunanas.

The facility is equipped to accommodate large groups.


The Shangri-La: A ten-star resort with saunan pools, private pools and saunnanas.

It includes sauna, saumas, saurians, saums and sauns for a group of six or more guests.

There can be multiple pools and suites.


The Biltmore: A luxury resort with multiple pools, spa and sauuna suites, a full sauna lounge and saauas and an indoor fitness center as well as saunasteries.

It also has an additional saunaseries for the resort. 14