The idea of petting a dog is pretty simple.

It’s just a quick gesture, the kind of thing you could do with a toy or a pet blanket or just a friendly wave, but dogs aren’t really that cute. 

And yet, in some places, they’re often the best companions you have in your life.

Here are a few places to see how easy it is to pet a dog in your city.

Pet Friendly hotels and restaurantsPet Friendly restaurants are often very busy and crowded, so a pet friendly hotel can help reduce the strain. 

A pet friendly restaurant can make a quick trip to your favorite restaurant and then bring the dog for a meal. 

In some places like San Francisco, there’s a Pet Friendly Hotel or Pet Friendly Dining Experience available, where you can bring a dog for dinner and stay in your hotel room. 

Pet friendly hotels can also be very popular during the summer months, and some have a Pet Safe Zone that is designed for pets that can be taken into the city’s pet park. 

Many pet friendly restaurants and hotels offer free pet care services like feeding, brushing, and grooming. 

Check with your local pet care facility to see if there are any discounts on pet care.

Pet Friendly restaurantsPet friendly restaurants often have pet friendly service options that can help lower the stress on your dog. 

If you’re in a dog friendly restaurant, you can always ask for a pet wash. 

The most popular pet wash service is PetSafe, which will wash your dog at the front desk. 

To see the rest of the pet friendly pet care options in your area, check out our guide to pet friendly food and drink. 

Get started with a pet-friendly pet wash at the local pet storePet Friendly pet care and travelFor pet lovers, pet friendly travel is a great way to connect with other pet lovers and enjoy a new experience.

Pet friendly travel services are often popular during spring and summer travel season, and many pet friendly cities offer free or discounted pet care programs. 

Some of the top pet friendly options are Petsmart and PetFriendly, which offer free dog travel to and from your favorite pet friendly destinations. 

For pet friendly flights, check with your airline and see if they offer pet-safe flights. 

Take your pet on a pet tour at a pet store or airportPet friendly taxisPet friendly taxi service is an awesome way to take your dog for some easy pet friendly transport. 

Most of the most popular taxi services offer free and discounted pet transport.

You can find pet friendly taxis in the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Pet safe lodgingPet friendly lodging and hostelsPet friendly hostels and hotels are great places to stay and have fun with your dog or cat. 

Depending on the location, these facilities can also have pet-friendlier pet friendly amenities. 

Hotel rooms and suitesPet friendly rooms and suite rentals can help keep your dog safe while you’re away. 

Dogs in pet friendly rooms have been a popular addition to many dog friendly cities, including New York, Atlanta, Atlanta and Miami. 

Pets are also great for pet parents in pet-oriented accommodations, as many pet-approved facilities offer free adoptions.

Pet-friendly hostels have a variety of pet-accessible amenities for pet-lovers, including a pet safe laundry, pet-free hot tub, and pet-proofed rooms.

PetSafe dog care and educationPetSafe is a pet care company that is the largest provider of pet friendly programs in the United States. 

Their pet-Friendly programs include pet health education, pet care, grooming and behavior modification, and a pet health and wellness program.

Petsafe offers pet friendly training courses and training classes in various locations, including pet friendly schools and hotels. 

All of PetSafe’s programs are free and accessible, and the company even offers online training programs to help you train your dog to become a good pet. 

Other pet friendly lodging optionsPet friendly lodgings and hostel rentals are great options for pet lovers looking to stay at their favorite pet-centered destination. 

When you’re at a PetSafe hostel or hotel, you’ll find pet-appropriate amenities like pet-owned massage and grooming rooms, pet food service, and dog park pet safety and security. 

Be sure to check with the hostel to find out how much they’re charging for your pet, or ask them about any special pet policies. 

Stay tuned for our next installment of our Pet Friendly Travel Guide, which looks at some of the best pet friendly places in the country to stay.