There’s a long tradition of hotels offering the kind of upscale lifestyle that millennials want to rent out, but few have managed to pull it off as well as the chain known as Kansas City, Mo.

Last week, it rolled out an interactive map of its properties, where you can see where each hotel is located and how many people rent each room.

The map, called the KC Hotels & Resorts Map, shows just how easy it is to find the right suite for a room, even if you’re a millennial.

The brand has been able to get the map out in the same way it has with its hotels and resorts in the past, but now the brand is getting more aggressive about offering it in real time.

The company announced Thursday that it is starting to share the map with other companies.

Airbnb, for instance, is going to use the map to let users know when they can get into a room at any of its hotels, and when that time comes, it will let them know when the next rental is available for them.

The app will also be offering a tool to let travelers who want to find a hotel room on the map find it by simply searching for it on their phone.

The interactive map is part of a wider push to provide the right experience for guests as they head into the future.

It’s not the first time that the hotel industry has been making this kind of effort.

Back in 2016, hotelier Hilton released an interactive app called Hometown Tours, which let guests learn more about their local neighborhoods.

Hotelier Marriott also began using the app in 2017, with the app also available for the company’s properties.

Airbnb recently added a similar feature to its properties app, with an option for guests to tap on a room they’re interested in finding a room for rent.

While these types of features are often used by the hospitality industry as a way to help attract guests, it’s also important to consider how they affect the quality of the experience for both guests and guests.

The idea is to create a better experience for everyone involved, including the people who are renting the rooms.

The hotel industry isn’t the only industry to try and make use of social media to reach new audiences.

The video game industry has made a similar effort to reach more casual gamers by giving them free game passes.

The goal is to get people playing a game to go out and spend more money, but there are some potential downsides to this strategy.

One big problem is that it’s easy for people to spend money in a way that doesn’t contribute to the long-term health of the company.

“We know that we’re not going to be able to change how much people spend,” said Chris Bensinger, CEO of TripAdvisor, a travel-booking site that lets users share their travel plans and make reservations.

“So we’re trying to create the best experience for those who want it, and we want to make sure that our partners have that same experience.”

If you’re looking for a cheap hotel room right now, or you’re just looking for something to rent for a few days, there’s plenty of other great deals to be had.

The best way to find an affordable hotel is to look at hotels that have more than 20 rooms, or ones that have a large number of rooms.

In some cases, you can find rooms for $50 a night, but if you want to spend $100 a night and rent a room that’s up to $250 a night for three nights, it can be difficult to find that kind of room.

Even if you find a room and want to stay, there are still a few other ways to make your stay affordable.

For example, you could get a one-bedroom, two-bedroom room at a lower price than you might pay in other cities, or a one bedroom apartment at a much higher price.

And if you need to rent a larger room, you may want to consider staying in an area with a lot of other people who like to stay at hotels.

You can also rent out your room at an affordable rate online.

In addition to Airbnb, you also have to consider hotels that operate as Airbnb hotels.

Airbnb hosts are generally more lenient when it comes to booking rooms than hotel guests.

For instance, if you rent a one room apartment, you don’t have to pay for your room, but you have to contribute to Airbnb’s expenses like utilities and meals.

In fact, you might be able save money by renting out your apartment and staying there.

You could also choose to book a room through a group booking platform.

For this, you’ll need to make a reservation through a booking agent.

These booking agents can work with a booking agency, such as a hotel, to book your room.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when booking a room with an Airbnb reservation.

You may need to pay the booking agent fees for booking. Airbnb