A luxury hotel with a $12 million Jacuzzi and an infinity pool is going to be a hit in the Transylvana region of Romania.

It is being constructed on a property called the “Luxor Hotel Transylviadura” by an international real estate firm called “The Luxor Group”.

It is a 50,000 square metre property on a lot that was previously owned by the Romanian government.

The hotel is being built by a consortium of investors that includes Chinese developers Jiaotong, which is owned by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), and the Russian state-owned Rosneft.

The project is being managed by the private firm of the same name.

The Luxor Hotel is also being developed by the local authorities of the Translordanian capital, Bucharest.

The property is being developed for commercial purposes.

The resort and the Jacuzzis are being developed to attract tourists.

The construction of the hotel is expected to take place in 2020.

The luxury hotel will have three pools, a spa and a restaurant.

The pool and spa are expected to have the capacity to hold 100 people, while the restaurant will have the space to accommodate 400 people.

The spa will have a capacity of 150 people.

A Jacuzza will be built on the property to accommodate the guests who will spend their nights there.

The restaurant will feature a bar and restaurant.

This will be the hotel’s biggest attraction.

The building will also have a fitness center, a fitness and fitness equipment store, an outdoor fitness studio, and a spa.

A new hotel is under construction in the Romanian city of Minsk and it is expected that the project will be completed in 2019.

The new hotel will be situated on the Trans-Lithuanian border.

It will be surrounded by a fence with fencing and a road.

The government is planning to build a large concrete wall that will be erected on the border between Translonia and Moldova.

The wall will include a fence to separate the Transluonian territory from Moldova and Translania from Romania.

The border will be open to all Moldovans and Moldavians.

The Transluanians are the people who live in Transluonia and have lived in Translonian territory since the 14th century.

The Moldavans live in Moldova, but are not residents of Transluonia.

The road connecting the Translandic territory of Moldova to Transluoni will be closed to all people, including Moldovas, until a final agreement is reached on the boundary between Transluona and Moldavia is reached.