Florida Keys hotel chains are expected to begin accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment by the end of the year, according to a recent post on the Florida Keys Traveler’s Guide.

The Florida Keys Tourism Development Authority has launched a new Bitcoin wallet that can be used for bitcoin payments.

The wallets are being developed by BitPay and Coinbase, which is the payment processing company behind the popular Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin.com.

Florida Keys tourism officials have confirmed that the Florida Key resorts are accepting the digital currency, and that Bitcoin will be accepted at the resorts beginning this year.

The official tourism agency is calling the move a “significant milestone” for the tourism industry.

The news comes just one month after the Florida legislature approved the first bitcoin bill passed in the state’s history, the Florida Bitcoin Coin Bill.

The bill allows Florida to issue a license to cryptocurrency businesses and allows for businesses to use the digital currencies in transactions.

The state also has a new digital currency bill that is currently under consideration.

Florida has been a leading state in the digital money space since the implementation of the federal government’s Digital Currency Exchanges Act in 2016.