The hotel industry is reeling after two of its top hotels in the United States were robbed and left stranded overnight in a hotel in southern California.

The San Diego hotel, which is owned by the Hyatt Corporation, was robbed at gunpoint on Monday and left on a highway, said the San Diego Police Department.

The Hyatt Hotel is located in the heart of San Diego and has been in business for over 30 years, according to the company.

It is located at the intersection of Interstate 15 and California Highway 1.

It was a quiet night when a man broke into the hotel, a spokesman for the hotel told ABC News.

When the robbers were done, the men left, according a police statement.

Two suspects are in custody, police said.

The hotel has also been targeted in the past, but never in this case.

The attack comes just months after a man was arrested in the robbery of a Hyatt in Palm Springs, California, where he tried to escape with his cell phone.

The victim had to be hospitalized with a fractured skull and a dislocated left shoulder after the attack.