The hotel industry has been facing a lot of issues lately, which is why many of the people who have made reservations online to stay in Hawaii hotels are finding it difficult to find accommodations in the city.

But some are getting their hotel reservations on Airbnb instead, thanks to the fact that Airbnb is allowing Indian and non-Indian guests to book their hotel rooms.

According to the booking app, the company is currently running a pilot with hotels in Mumbai and Delhi.

The hotels have been asked to set up reservations for their guests in their hotels, which can be made online.

In the meantime, the hotels are working to get their reservation on the booking platform, the app said in a statement.

“In collaboration with Airbnb, the Airbnb team has set up a pilot in Mumbai with the aim of enabling reservation booking in hotels through their platform.

We are confident that this pilot will be a catalyst to increase hotel reservations in India and further increase the popularity of Airbnb hotels in India,” the statement said.