In the years since Mexico’s presidential election, some hotel owners have begun asking customers to take extra precautions when booking rooms.

A new rule from Mexico’s government says you should never book a room at a hotel that is open late at night or on weekends.

But it also says you can book a bed, couch or two at any of the country’s most popular hotels.

The rule applies to all hotels in Mexico, not just those owned by foreign entities.

There are a few exceptions, according to the rule: You can book one room at one hotel if you are staying for a weekend or a week, or for an extended period of time.

And if you book two or more rooms, you can only book one bed at a time.

For the most part, you’ll have to book at least one room in a hotel.

In many cities, there are few other options.

But for the rest of Mexico, the rule is a useful one.

In Mexico, where many people are vacationing or are traveling for the first time, the hotel industry has struggled with a shortage of room options.

A man checks out a room in the Riviera Maya resort of ResoluciĆ³n in August.

(Julio Cortez/Associated Press)Some hotels have even started to limit room rates, like the one at the Rivideau in the city of Cancun.

The hotel, located in a former sugar mill, charges a base rate of 5 percent for nights up to 80 people.

In 2018, the average price for a room was $2,847.

And the hotel itself charges only $1,988 a night for a two-bedroom room.

But hotel owners in Mexico are struggling to find rooms in the United States, too.

The Rivideaus, a resort in the southern city of Chihuahua, has a $3,000-per-night base rate, and has the lowest rate for two-night stays of any hotel in the country, according a report by the hotel operator.

That means that even if the Rivadeau has an extra room available for an extra $1.60, that extra $3.60 will still be the difference between a $1 and $1: $2.30.

“We are not able to find enough rooms to meet demand, and that’s the reason for the decision to limit our rate,” a hotel representative told The Washington Times in a statement.

Mexican officials have been working to expand the countrys hotel industry.

Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has promised to increase Mexico’s hotel sector by 20 percent, and to open more hotels.

In September, he also announced a new law that allows people to book rooms for as little as $100 a night.

The hotel industry in Mexico has also struggled in the past.

After the 2008 financial crisis, hotel industry job losses began.

Many workers were laid off, and the number of vacancies was so high that the country had to resort to hiring workers at a fraction of the wages they were used to earning.

That didn’t help the industry, which was then one of Mexicos largest industries, and caused hotel occupancy rates to drop dramatically, according the International Hotel Association.

The result: Some hotels were closing or folding.

And when Mexico closed its hotels for good in 2016, many foreign companies went to Mexico to operate their own hotels, which have now been forced to close and move into hotels.

The trend has continued in 2018, with hotels closing in many cities.