Dubai, the world’s most popular holiday destination, has many of the world`s best hotels.

But it has also the most hotels that are closed to the public. 

But for some travellers, there are still some options, as they can get a good deal on accommodation.

Read more: Hotels in Dubai can be booked online, but the best hotels to stay in are in private homes in Dubai, according to Lonely Planet. Read more  “We were able to book the Hilton Garden City, the Red Bull Spa, the Marriott Marquis, the B&Q Hotel, the Royal Brunei Hotel and the Hilton Bayside,” says hotel critic John Pugh, in a Lonely Planet review. 

“All of them are now open to the general public and, with them, can be found for a fraction of the cost of a similar property elsewhere in the Middle East.” 

He says that while it may not be the cheapest or most spacious, it is worth checking out if you have limited money to spend. 

Lonely Planet says it has made the decision to open these hotels to the rest of the public after the hotel industry in the UAE faced “massive competition” from the internet.

“While the internet may have reduced the number of hotels in the country, it also opened the door to an increase in the number that have closed due to the government crackdown,” it says. 

The UK-based travel agency advises travellers not to visit private homes, as it may be too expensive to book accommodation in them. 

It is also a good idea to stay at a hotel with other guests, especially if you are staying for longer than one night. 

Hotel managers also advise not to book rooms on the first night, as that can result in you paying more for a room. 

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