Posted August 19, 2018 07:18:58The second leg of the Transylvanian World Cup has concluded with two goals and two assists for the hosts of the final match in Moscow, Russia.

The hosts of this match, who have qualified for the 2019 World Cup, are the same as the hosts in the 2017 edition.

This means that it is the second time the two sides have met and the first time in the last five years.

The scorers for both sides were outstanding, with Kostas Kalafos and Filip Chytiluk scoring both goals and Filip Saryanik assisting both.

The goal was a great example of how great the Russian players are.

The only disappointment was that a second goal in the 70th minute didn’t count as a goal.

This was due to the fact that the goalkeeper didn’t get the ball under control, and his header missed the target by a fraction of a second.

I am glad to see that the keeper got a red card.

The first half was quite boring, with no real exciting moments and just lots of short passing.

However, the second half had some good moments, with both teams trying to exploit a lack of penetration.

Both teams tried to take advantage of the gaps that were created and to try to find openings.

In the first half, both teams created a lot of space and created some great chances.

Both sides had a couple of good moments of the ball crossing the ball between their feet.

The teams also tried to use the ball in the air, with the Russians getting a few chances, but only to miss the target.

The Russians had some great passes that found their way through the defenders, and some really good ones by Filip Chytruk.

The game was quite exciting from the start, and there were some great moments of individual skill.

The team that created the most chances was the one that did the most work in the first 20 minutes of the match.

The one that had the best chance in the final third was the Russian team, who were able to exploit their chances.

Overall, the match was a good game, with very few problems in the opening 45 minutes.

The first half had a lot more intensity and the second was just like a football match, but the ball moved a lot less.

This meant that the Russians did more work in their final third and their team looked a lot stronger.

The second half of the game was even better.

In this match the players did more of the attacking work, and both teams were able at times to create some openings in the game.

The ball moved around and the goal came through the players a lot quicker than in the second match.

Overall, this was an excellent game.

Both of the teams played very well, and the ball was a lot easier to control, which led to more chances created.

Overall the match is a great result for both the sides.

The two sides played a very physical game, and they both got a lot out of their attacking players.

The goals were great and both of the goals were well taken.

However there were a couple that were too difficult to take.

Overall the game is very important for the two teams, and I am sure the fans will enjoy watching it again.