A hotel manager has been charged with sexual assault and indecent assault after police allege he allegedly sexually assaulted his staff.

Key points:Key pointsPolice allege former hotel manager had inappropriate sexual contact with staff, including girls aged under 16, at his hotelThe hotel manager is accused of sexually abusing a girl aged between 12 and 16 and a 16-year-old girlHe has been remanded in custody for further investigationPolice allege the former hotel owner, whose identity is suppressed, had inappropriate contact with his staff and the girls at his hotels in the Gold Coast, Rosarito Beach, Bora Bora and Rorito Beach hotels, as well as the hotel’s general manager.

The Gold Coast Detective Superintendent Steve Brown said the accused, identified only as Roritos, was found guilty of three counts of indecent assault.

He said the alleged victim was 14 years old at the time.

“I would ask that you please, please look at the evidence, and consider all the circumstances surrounding the incident and the seriousness of the offence,” Detective Superintendent Brown said.

“The offender’s behaviour towards the alleged victims is so serious that we cannot accept that the offender is a child molester.”

The alleged victim told police she was at the hotel on December 13, 2016.

“It was just me and a group of girls at the front of the hotel, it was really small,” she said.

The alleged offences took place in rooms with one other guest.

Police allege Rorites conduct was inappropriate and he also sexually assaulted a girl between 12 to 16.

Police said the hotel manager was a hotel manager at the Gold and Gambier Resort on the Gold coast.

The accused is remanded under strict conditions of not being in the vicinity of any children or places of child abuse.

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