The biggest hotels in Houston are among the most expensive in the world, but there’s another perk that visitors don’t get to enjoy: you can pay for your stay there.

A couple of months ago, we broke down the $7,500 annual fee and what you can expect if you book through an agency, hotel chain, or a hotel.

But with the cost of a hotel so high, the cost can be steep.

And if you have to shell out the cash for a trip, you may find that you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Here are some places to book a hotel if you’re visiting Houston:The hotels below are not as expensive as some others listed above, but are not necessarily the cheapest.

We’ve highlighted the most popular hotel chains, where they offer the most deals, and hotels with a rating of “good” or “fair.”

If you’re considering one of these hotels, you’re best off considering its ratings.

We’ve highlighted hotels that offer the best deals on hotel reservations.

We do not recommend visiting these hotels unless you are a hotel reservation expert.

You can find our list of best hotel deals here.

For more information about booking hotel reservations and how to stay at some of the city’s best hotels, visit the Houston hotel directory.

If you want to book hotel rooms at a low rate, check out our hotel bookers guide.

For a list of the top 20 hotels in Texas, visit our list.