FourFour2’s travel writer David Burtis looks at some of the best deals you can get on Virgin and what you need to know.


Booking an Aussie hotel online can be very tricky.

If you’re travelling alone you’re going to have to find your own hotel and book it for yourself.

Virgin Australia recommends booking a room at an AUSTRALIAN hotel for the cheapest rates.

However, there are some hotels that are more flexible and offer rooms for people with specific needs.

If your budget is too tight to cover those costs then it’s worth taking a look at hotels from overseas.


If booking a hotel online you should make sure you have all the right paperwork in order to book.

You should make an appointment with your hotel and then fill in the booking form online.

If it doesn’t work out you can contact the hotel directly.


If a hotel is booked through a booking engine then you’ll need to contact them directly to make an arrangement.

If they don’t have any info on their website you should contact them on their phone.


You’ll need a deposit to book your hotel.

This is important because hotel guests are required to have their deposit to use the facilities.

However you can deposit the hotel cash or cash from your bank.


There are a number of ways to book a hotel on Virgin.

You can book through an online booking engine or through a hotel booking agent, which will show you the best rates.

You will also need to book from your hotel’s website.


If the hotel doesn’t have a booking agent then they can still help you book a room.

This can be through a bookings agent or a local hotel, but it’s always best to get direct advice from a hotel agent or hotel booking manager.

If not, you can check with the hotel booking company directly.

If that doesn’t help you, then it can be cheaper to book through a website.


If all the above fails then you may have to pay a hotel service fee.

This will usually be a small amount which will cover your hotel room fees and food and drink.

The hotel will then refund the service fee to you.


If hotel rooms are booked through the booking engine, you’ll have to be sure that you have enough room for your group and guests.

If there are multiple groups of guests, you will also have to reserve rooms on the booking agent’s website before the booking opens.


If hotels don’t show you any room availability, then they may be reluctant to let you book.

To get a hotel room reservation you can email [email protected]

However this may not be possible when you book through the hotel’s booking engine.


The hotels that have a website can be a good source of information about what’s available to them.

They may also have information on the internet about their facilities.

You could also book through their booking agency and ask them to book rooms.


Virgin will book a bed for your entire group for a flat rate of $50 per night.

However the hotel will have to arrange for the room and pay for it yourself.

You’re looking for the lowest price, which may not always be the cheapest.


When booking a flat, the hotel may require you to book extra rooms.

This may be because they’ve had guests staying in the room.

However if you’re not comfortable booking your own room then you can book a guest room for someone else, even if it costs more than you paid.


If an online bookings service doesn’t show up as a booking on the hotel website, it may be that you’ve not booked the room in the right way.

If this is the case then you should check with your room booking agent to see if it’s possible to book another room.


The rooms you book can vary.

If rooms are listed as free on the hotels website, this will mean that the hotel won’t be responsible for any rooms you don’t use.

However in some hotels, you may not need to use any rooms.

If so then you might want to contact the booking agency to see what their rates are.

If, on the other hand, the rooms aren’t listed as available on the websites but are offered as ‘offers’ or ‘tour packages’ then you need a refund from the booking company or hotel.

If in doubt, check with hotel staff or your room bookings manager.


If one of your hotel guests is sick or needs to be moved to another room then there may be no room available for them.

If someone is sick then you’re in control of whether or not they can stay.

The best way to deal with this is to arrange a meeting with your host.

You might also want to try contacting your host’s contact details on your hotel website.


If travelling to Australia with a group, you should plan a safe escape route.

This might include going