The islands are located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of Honolulu and about 80 miles (145 kilometers) east of Oahu.

The catalinas are part of the Northern Hawaiian archipelago.

The islands have been inhabited by Native Hawaiians for centuries.

The landlocked islands of Oceania are home to a small number of native Hawaiians.

The U.S. has a population of about 5 million people, making the islands among the most densely populated in the world.

About 2,200 people live on Oahu, according to a 2016 report by the U.N. Population Fund.

The islands are home for many people.

The island’s largest city is Honolulu, home to about 40 percent of the island’s population, according the U and U.K. islands, which are home both to a population about 4 million people.

In addition to its own people, Oahu also has a large number of tourists from around the world, including some who visit Oahu to visit museums, cruise ships and other cultural attractions.

Oahu is also home to the islands main airline, Hawaiian Airlines, which is based in Honolulu.

The U.A.E. has had a long history of immigration, with more than 200,000 people from the region having settled in the U of A. Many of those people are from China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia and India.

In 2016, a total of 2,904 immigrants came to the U A.E., which is about 5 percent of Hawaii’s population.

Hawaii has a number of islands within its borders, including Hilo, Molokai and Kauai.

The most famous of these is Oahu’s Oahu Palmyra.

It is the largest island in the Hawaiian archicland, which includes Palmyra, a coral reef and several volcanoes.