The property value of Rehoba Beach Hotel in New Zealand’s north-west is likely to go up, if a sale is held for it.

The property was listed for sale in the US last year and has a pre-sale notice from the New Zealand Land Registry (NZL).

However, the notice has now expired.

The hotel is currently in the process of being re-listed and will now be sold at auction, which could be next month.

The Rehobo Beach Hotel, which has a beachfront property at the southern end of Lake Tahoe, has been in the public eye since it was built in 1968.

The hotel, located at the edge of the island’s largest residential community of Tybee Island, was a favourite of British actor Tom Cruise and the family who owned it, and was featured in the 1983 film of the same name.

Cruise was filmed there, but never returned to re-enact the scene, which was described by the film’s producer as a “great escape”.

A spokesperson for the hotel said it had been “in a long-term planning process” with the Land Registry for some time, and had been waiting to sell the property, which is about 4.5km (2.3 miles) from the resort’s northern entrance.

“We are extremely excited about the potential of this sale and its potential to be a significant revenue stream for our business,” the spokesperson said.

“The sale has been put on hold pending completion of the planning process.”

It is unclear what, if any, fee has been offered by the Land Registrar, but it could be as low as $750,000, the spokesperson added.

The Land Registry did not respond to a request for comment.

The resort has an income of $4.7m a year, according to figures from the local council.

However, according a review of hotel revenue by local news site, the resort is one of just two properties in New England to have an income from hotel occupancy.

The other, the Wyldsborough Hotel, has an annual revenue of $1.8m, but that’s not directly tied to its property’s occupancy, as hotel revenue is based on rooms that are rented out.

The Wyld’sborough Hotel’s property income has fluctuated, with the average annual income rising from $2.2m in 2016 to $3.3m in 2017.

The Hotel is the second-highest grossing hotel in New York City, according the hotel’s website.

“It’s not uncommon for a hotel to generate a bit more than the income that it generates from its occupancy.

In the case of Rehroboke Beach, it’s actually a bit of a surprise to me,” the hotel spokesman said.

The spokesperson said the hotel was in talks with a potential buyer, but had no further details at the time of publication.