A Florida resort that once had a spa and a beach resort turned into a hotel last year when a building was built to house the spa.

The building was part of a renovation to the Laguna Beach Hotel. 

It is one of only two buildings at the hotel that was designed by architect Harry Siegel.

Siegel was the designer of the Marriott Marquis, one of the first hotels in Florida to have a swimming pool and spa. 

“It was a wonderful time for me, and I felt privileged to design this hotel,” Siegel told National Geographic magazine. 

Siegel’s hotel, which he named Laguna Hotel, opened in 1928.

It featured a pool and a bar, and it was located on the property of the Lagunas Resort & Spa, which also included a spa.

It was built as part of the hotel’s expansion.

The laguna was the first real estate developed on land owned by the resort.

Sinkes family bought the property in the 1930s and later sold it to a group of developers. 

After the building was completed, Siegel sold it for $2 million to the Miami Beach Hotel & Casino. 

He moved the hotel to its current location in 1987.

It closed in 1994. 

When the hotel reopened, it featured a spa, a fitness center, and an outdoor patio.

It opened in 2001 as the Lagana Beach Resort Hotel.

The spa was in place until 2009, when the building underwent a renovation. 

The hotel reopened in 2011 and it has hosted concerts and other events.