I’m not sure what the fuss was about when the price of a room in a hotel in the heart of Paris was £4,000 a night.

But if you’re like me, and your hotel has a large glass screen, you can easily spend a night in the most expensive hotel in London, the £3.4 million London Sheraton.

The Sheraton is on a scale that can’t be ignored.

The £3,000 per night is not cheap, but if you want a good night’s sleep, you need to spend a lot.

The price of rooms in London is an eye-watering £9,800 per night, or £10,000 in today’s money.

London Sheron The price can be confusing when you get used to the idea that hotels are on a different scale.

If you go into a hotel on the lower end of the scale, you are going to be surrounded by rooms that are almost identical to your own.

If your hotel is on the higher end of that scale, the room you want to book is likely to be a room that you would normally be in.

This is not the case at London Shermans, where the rooms are all quite different.

For instance, the receptionist is the same room as the secretary, the manager is a different room from the host, and the secretary is a slightly different room to the guest.

You can walk in, check out and take a shower.

However, if you decide to go to the hotel, the rooms that you will be in are not the same as those you would be in in a standard hotel.

The rooms in the Sheraton are different because they are made of different materials.

The glass screen is different to the glass in a bed.

The walls are different to those in a room.

You might be in a one-bedroom suite, but you are also in a three-bedroom or four-bedroom room.

So the glass is different, and so are the walls.

The floors are different, too.

You will notice that there is no room at the top of the suite, because the room above the glass screen will be made of the same materials as the room below it.

This room is called the reception room.

There are many different rooms at the Shermans and this one is called a suite.

This is where the guests get their night’s rest, the guests who get their rooms are the ones who have to pay the bills.

The room that the guests have to sleep in is the one that they are going out of their way to get.

If they have to drive to the Sher’s, then they will spend hours in the car to get there.

The cars will be very expensive, but they will be expensive.

The hotel is so big, and it has so many rooms that it is hard to imagine how they could find room to accommodate everyone.

The hotels lobby is where you go to check in and get your room.

The lobby is a bit like a big ballroom.

The windows are big enough to see the whole ballroom, but not quite big enough for everyone.

There is a view out of the windows, and people can look out at the street, at the water, or at the mountains.

But the room is too small for everyone and if you have a big party or want to sleep with your family, then you need a big room.

I can’t believe that the rooms in this hotel cost £5,000.

I mean, I have seen the prices for this hotel in different parts of Europe, and I can tell you that it’s the most ridiculously expensive room in the hotel.

If I had to guess, I’d say it costs £4 million.

I am sure that this is the most luxurious room in London.

I’m sure that the best rooms in Paris cost less than £1,000, and that the worst rooms in Barcelona cost over a hundred thousand.

I have been to the city of Barcelona, and they have some of the best hotels in Europe.

They have great views, fantastic views.

There will be people coming up to you in the room and saying, “I just love you, we’re here for the best.”

I have not been to Barcelona, but I have heard good things about the Sherons.

But I don’t want to live in a luxury hotel, because I would have to stay in a small room with all the other guests, and we’d all have to share a bed with each other.

If we were going to spend more money than we have now, we would have some room to spare, and you would need to book a suite in order to live with other people.

But that is a topic for another time.

In a hotel, it is easy to overlook the differences between rooms.

You have the same price and it is the cheapest room.

If the rooms were a little bigger, you would have more room, but the room size